My name’s not Arry. It’s Arya. Of House Stark.

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  • a storm of swords - a storm of swords - a clash of kings - a storm of swords - a clash of kings - a clash of kings

game of thrones meme: eight friendships or otps [4/8] → Arya & Gendry
“If you start calling me m’lady, even Hot Pie is going to notice. And you better keep on pissing the same way too.” “As m’lady commands.” Arya slammed his chest with both hands. He tripped over a stone and sat down with a thump. “What kind of lord’s daughter are you?” he said, laughing.


got meme → eight friendships/otp {6/8}  Arya Stark & Gendry

 “…she could ride with Gendry and be an outlaw, like Wenda the White Fawn in the songs. But that was just stupid, like something Sansa might dream.” 

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game of thrones meme: seven quotes [3/7] → “Who are you?” he would ask her every day. “No one,” she would answer, she who had been Arya of House Stark, Arya Underfoot, Arya Horseface. She had been Arry and Weasel too, and Squab and Salty, Nan the cupbearer, a grey mouse, a sheep, the ghost of Harrenhal…but not for true, not in her heart of hearts. In there she was Arya of Winterfell, the daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn, who had once had brothers named Robb and Bran and Rickon, a sister named Sansa, a direwolf called Nymeria, a half brother named Jon Snow. In there she was someone…