I’m so happy, so very happy! I’m so happy! So happy! I’m truly glad that I got to meet you, Senpai! I’m truly glad that I fell in love with you. Thank you so very much.

A future without you means nothing to me!

Ben Whishaw is set to star in the five-part BBC Two drama London Spy. He will play the eponymous London spy, real-name Danny, described as "a gregarious, hedonistic romantic who gets drawn into the dangerous world of British espionage."

infinite 272/365 ∞ myungsoo 39/52


get to know me meme: [7/8] relationships  finn hudson & rachel berry
I had it all planned out. I was gonna make it big on Broadway and maybe make a Woody Allen movie. And then when we were ready, I would just, come back and he’d be teaching here and I’d walk through those doors and I would just say ‘I’m home’ and then we would live happily ever after.

I’m gonna say the word and you’re gonna say the first word that pops into your head, okay? It might be sponge. Don’t say sponge.